If you are considering building your own Star Wars villain costume in any of the accepted categories of the 501st Legion, we recommend that you visit a 501st Legion Detachment forum. Our Detachments focus on individual costume categories and offer the best information available for constructing your own detailed costume. Participation on our Detachment forums is open to the public.

If you are considering a Star Wars hero, Jedi, Rebel, or Mandalorian costume, or would like to build a droid, we recommend you visit one of our sister organizations.

Detachment NameForum AddressTheme
Armored Cavalry Detachmentforum.armoredcavalry.net AT-AT Drivers, AT-ST Drivers and AT-AT Commanders
Blizzard Forcewww.blizzardforce.com/forum Snowtroopers
Bounty Hunters Guild thebhg.netBounty Hunters
Clone Trooper Detachment501stclonetroopers.comClone Troopers
First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachmentwww.whitearmor.netStormtroopers
Imperial Gunnery Corpswww.imperialgunners.comImperial Gunners
Imperial Officer Corpswww.imperialofficer.comImperial/First Order Officers, Crew, Security Bureau & Imperial Navy/Death Star Troopers
Jolly Roger Squadronwww.jrs501st.comTie Pilots
Krayt Clanwww.kraytclan.comTusken Raiders and Jawas
Mos Eisley Police Departmentwww.mepd.netSandtroopers
Pathfinderswww.501stpathfinders.comBiker Scouts, Kashyyyk Troopers, Shoretroopers and Patrol Troopers
Sith Lord Detachmentwww.501stsithlords.comThe Film-Canon Sith Lords: Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, and Kylo Ren.
Sovereign Protectorswww.forcepike.netRoyal Guards
Spec Ops Detachmentspecops501st.comSpecial Operations Troopers
The Flagship Eclipse Detachment www.theflagshipeclipse.comNon-Film Canon and Legends characters (non-troopers)
Underworld Detachmentwww.501stunderworld.comPirates, Gangsters, Henchmen, Thieves, Smugglers, Thugs, Scum and Villainy