Four Crazy Days in London

A Texan’s ramblings about the biggest Star Wars event in Europe.  Star Wars Celebration Europe (London) was a fantastic experience I would highly recommend it if you have the means.


Pass and program below.


Maybe leave out the getting stabbed by Darth Maul in the Millennium Falcon part (though if that’s your thing…go for it)


I had the unique opportunity to work with the German Project X1 team in assembling the TIE Fighter.  This meant I had pretty unique access to check out the event which I will share with you here.


One of the main attractions was the Rogue One props and costumes display.  Most of the major characters were on display including the new Retro Stormtroopers, Shore Troopers, and Death Troopers.


Lots of famous Star Wars people were out and about.  It was the place to be seen.  Luke Skywalker was there…


so was his dog, Millie Skywalker.


There were AT-ATs…


and lots and lots of other things to see.

The final photo I have to share here is from the closing ceremonies.  The fans really came out in London.  I hope to see you all in Orlando next year.  Check our Facebook feed for more info and photos from Star Wars Celebration Europe.


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