Hey All,

My name is Patrick Ireland and I'm a 32 y/o veteran of the US Army (11B2O/62W2O). Ive been into star wars since my dad took me to the initial release of ROTJ in theaters. I currently live in Denton, TX and am a Senior at UNT. I'm looking forward to becoming involved in Star Garrison and the 501st. I would really like to get in contact with someone in my area, who can answer so of my questions. The reason is that most of my questions concerning costuming are of a functional nature, and are easier IMO to explain in a face to face meeting. Ive done some research and have spent many hours pouring over the different forums and advice, so I have somewhat of an idea of what I would like, but personal experience input would make a huge difference. Ive already joined the facebook page(Patrick Ireland). I look forward to trooping with you all.


Patrick Ireland