Hello everyone

I'm Michael and I am 50 yrs old, retired army, Airborne Infantry 11BPQ6. I've been interested in Star Wars since I first saw back in '79. I live in Killeen, Texas and worked in oil fields, drove trucks, and now am a contractor over-seas in afghanistan. Have been interested in 501st since stumbling upon its website 4-5 years ago. My current interests include on-line MMO's such as EQ2, Blacklight Retribution. I used to play SWG:Online but thatís been discontinued /Booo-booo, /Hiss-hiss ,, I enjoy long range shooting, painting models(WH40K), reading anything involving computers, astronomy, physics and christian theology, time with my family(my dog Sheila is included as family!), camping, traveling, hiking, working out, running, swimming. SO, here I am, applying for membership, and contemplating a rather unique costume design. A Imperial scout sniper. Mr. Philip Tso has been kind enought to forward me all pertinente information in a welcome packet. Therefor my next step is to build and purchase available material with 501st's approval first of said costum design. If any of you wish to contact me with suggestions, hints or otherwise, I will be reading thorugh the forums. If you live in the central Texas region, in or near Killeen, maybe we can meet at some point. My son is also interested and we have friends who are Star Wars aficionadoís.

Thank you, look forward to meeting and making friends with ya'll.

-Michael Petsch