I believe I'm having this same issue, albeit 9 years later...

I joined the forums as a prospect, and about a month later, got my first costume (Tusken Raider) approved. I've updated my profile as much as I believe I can with my information:

TKID: 51629
Costume: DZ (Tusken Raider, male, ANH)
Status: Active
Rank: Enlisted
Squad: North Texas

but I'm still showing up as "Future Member" when I post in the forums.

I also had to reply to this thread because I don't have the access to create a new thread in the Troubleshooting forum (and probably others).

Reading this thread, it seems there's an email to someone necessary, but since it's been nine years, I'd imagine that role has changed hands at least once and I don't want to bug someone who "isn't doing that anymore".


Chris Talbott