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Thread: what's wrong with my account, and why can't i blog

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    Alex Guest

    I have reaccently made an account a few weeks ago, listed myself as "active"(what's the differance between that and inactive, and yes, i know what it means, but does it mean inactive in a squad or what?), and i can't veiw the gallery, post a blog, and several other things. HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Sorry Alex, I switched you over to "Visitor/No Costume" until you obtain a costume and have submitted pictures through our GML to get "Enlistee" status. Many of the Garrison's features are reserved for members, so that the website correctly represents those who are in the Garrison. Thank you for mentioning the Gallery, however...that should be open to Guests that is probably an oversight on my part. I will do my best to get that addressed.
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