Hello all,

Just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself to my soon-to-be garrison mates. I'm currently building a Biker Scout costume which has been a dream of mine since I was 7 years old and first saw Return of the Jedi.

A little bit about me:
I'm 35 years old and I'm in Arlington, TX going to school at UTA. I've wanted to be a Scout Trooper since I first saw the fan film TROOPS some 13 or so years ago (In fact I had to download it on a 14.4 modem and it took dang near all night). Well now is my time and I'm getting it done. I have 3 daughters and a step daughter who all think it's mildly amusing that I'm building a Star Wars costume and a wife who grudgingly tolerates it. I was raised on Star Wars and most of my memories as a child somehow revolve around these movies (I remember places we used to live growing up based on what SW action figure I lost there, or what SW toys I got for Christmas that year).

My TB build is going very well. I've put the armor together, I've got the gloves, helmet, and flight suit en route and the soft parts and boots I'm making myself. I'm pretty good with a sewing machine and my next build after the TB will probably be the Imperial Officer (In fact I already have the material I need for the uniform, I've modified the McCalls patterns and I've made the cap, belt and rank bars).

looking forward to trooping with you all!