Hi yall,
I am new to the garrison and looking for some communication with members as I am building my TK set prior to joining up. I am fairly surprised that there is nothing here at all for a new recruit to check out or have some type of communication with garrison members prior to actually completing a costume. I am currently residing in Florida and have been signed up on thier garrison boards for a while but am moving to Texas in June so figured I would start getting to know people here ahead of time via the boards. From what I see though, there arent really any boards that I can see where I can do that. So, I will check things out here on occasion and will stick with the Florida boards. I would even throw a suggestion to the administrators and garrisonn leaders to check out the Florida boards to see how they are set up even for non 501st members to have interaction with members prior to completeing a costume and for help while putting a costume together. Sorry if this post is overstepping any lines, I am not trying to upset anyone. I am just surprised at the lack of a place to introduce and start getting to know and get involved with things. Feel free to contact me on this post by replying or pming me or email me at DarthVa101 @aol.com.