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    Garrison Command Staff
    Garrison Commanding OfficerKarl Gehring (kgehring1979)
    Garrison Executive OfficerJustin Westrich (Motoss)
    Garrison Captain of the GuardKelsie Day (DayFire)
    Senior Garrison Membership LiaisonBrian Williams (netslave)
    Senior Garrison Event CoordinatorAnne-Marie Crabtree (Anne Stardust)
    Senior Garrison Public Relations OfficerJason Maston (doomius)
    Senior Garrison Merchandise and Branding OfficerJames Loughry (Dimentex)
    Senior Garrison Recruiting OfficerJoe Bianco (Joeyb609)
    Senior Garrison Charity OfficerDamian Hebert (dhstarwars)
    Senior Garrison WebmasterCheyenne Dreiling (Forest Ranger)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonAaron Darling (beakercobalt)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonJason Haddock (jasonhaddock)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonIsaac Molinar (deadvision)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonChad Brewer (Brew2d2)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonJasmine Holly (Bulldog71017)
    Garrison Web LiaisonJames Sessions (Dousi71)
    Garrison Web LiaisonVictoria Darling (vdarling5)
    Garrison Recruiting OfficerPaul Strength (Strength)
    Garrison Recruiting OfficerHeather Drewry
    Garrison ArmorerJosh Powers (BHFett)
    Garrison Public Relations OfficerJason Maston (doomius)
    Garrison Public Relations OfficerCynthia Reyes (Cynthia Reyes)
    Garrison Public Relations OfficerCarlos Ramossanchez (video567)
    Garrison WebmasterAdam Baker-Siroty (TK0897)
    Squad Leaders & Staff
    Squad Leader (CTX)Brian Williams (netslave)
    Squad Executive Officer (CTX)Paul Pruitt (outrbnkr)
    Public Relations (CTX)Garrett Garcia (echodrummer555)
    Public Relations (CTX)Jose Medina (TD-R2Mech)
    Events Coordinator (CTX)Brian Anderson (salamander)
    Events Coordinator (CTX)Chris Berban (Berbs42)
    Recruitment (CTX)Garrett Garcia (echodrummer5555)
    Recruitment (CTX)Adrian Abilez (Adro8109)
    Squad Leader (NTX)Steve Gideon (Gideon00)
    Squad Executive Officer (NTX)James Sessions (Dousi71)
    Public Relations (NTX)Sean Fields (iamseanfields)
    Events Coordinator (NTX)Jason Moore (DS-23710)
    Recruitment (NTX) (Cathy Hickman (mst3cate)
    Charity (NTX)Dana Sessions (Hirshy1230)
    Squad Leader (STX)Richard Stowe (CajunCharlie53)
    Squad Executive Officer (STX)Wendy Cooke (Davian)
    Public Relations (STX)Sergio Barraza (Shiftyfast)
    Events Coordinator (STX)Liz Barraza (Barraza)
    Recruitment (STX)Jesse Grimes (Selah205)
    Squad Leader (TXGC)Adam Pogorzelski
    Squad Executive Officer (TXGC)Matthew Wesson
    Public Relations (TXGC)Carlos Ramossanchez (video567)
    Recruitment (TXGC)Lucy Riojas (LucyR)
    Squad Leader (WTX)Joel Martin (FenixxDown)
    Squad Executive Officer (WTX)Lartrell Ransom (Obijuankenobi)
    Public Relations (WTX)Jon Barnes (griffonking)
    Events Coordinator (WTX)John Minnick (Haydeus)
    Events Coordinator (WTX)Tamara Minnick (Twilek143)
    Recruitment (WTX)Daniel Rader (TKChubbs)
    Charity (WTX)Jacob Bennett (muonmonkey)
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    Senior Command Staff & Staff
    Garrison Commanding OfficerDaniel Nickeson (ZacMuleer)
    Garrison Executive OfficerChris Berban (Berbs42)
    Squad Leaders & Staff
    Squad Leader (CTX)Paul Pruitt (outrbnkr)
    Squad Executive Officer (CTX)Adam Pogorzelski (shorttimer52)
    Squad Leader (NTX)Roger Valles (rvalles70)
    Squad Executive Officer (NTX)Paul Strength (Strength)
    Squad Leader (STX)Marshall Conover (Herbie7159)
    Squad Executive Officer (STX)Brian Goldstein (ghost11c)
    Squad Leader (WTX)Joel Martin (FenixxDown)
    Squad Executive Officer (WTX)Lartrell Ransom (Obijuankenobi)
    Appointed Command Staff
    Garrison Charity LiaisonKarl Gehring (kgehring1979)
    Garrison Charity LiaisonScot Wilcox (Tesla Kinetic)
    Garrison Council RepresentativeJustin Westrich (Motoss)
    Garrison Event Coordinator (CTX)Andy Forbes (af0rbes)
    Garrison Event Coordinator (CTX)Carl Luhman (4165gorilla)
    Garrison Event Coordinator (NTX)Steve Gideon (Gideon00)
    Garrison Event Coordinator (STX)Jason Pope (TX-71117)
    Garrison Event Coordinator (WTX)Jon Barnes (griffonking)
    Garrison Merchandise and Branding OfficerJames Loughry (Dimentex)
    Garrison Merchandise and Branding OfficerJose Medina (TD-R2Mech)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonAdrian Abilez (adro8109)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonBrian Williams (netslave)
    Garrison Membership LiaisonJen Angel (ToshD)
    Garrison Public Relations Officer (CTX)Niki Powers (madseamstress)
    Garrison Public Relations Officer (NTX)Elisa Arguello (GaneshSkywalker)
    Garrison Public Relations Officer (STX)Eliseo Reyes (spectrumofpain)
    Garrison Public Relations Officer (WTX)Chris Strong (Sgt. Filth)
    Garrison Recruitment Liaison (CTX)Cris Morrell (Nixa)
    Garrison Recruitment Liaison (NTX)James Roman (DarthDadio)
    Garrison Recruitment Liaison (STX)Wey Tan (TKHoustonCougar)
    Garrison Recruitment Liaison (WTX)Jeremy Davis (TK12096)
    Garrison Web LiaisonAaron Darling (beakercobalt)
    Garrison Web LiaisonJeremy Lindstrom (Dekard)
    Garrison WebmasterJeff Brownlee (Jeff Brownlee)
    Garrison WebmasterJereomy Faber (Arca)
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    I have updated the website to use Tapatalk. Since several of our members use it to access the RPF and a few other sites, it seemed like the the most common method already implemented. The original mobile suite I was going to add from vBulletin would have run us $100 additional ...
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    Commanding Officer: Kameron Earles
    Executive Officer: Philip Tso

    ====Squad Leaders & Staff===

    Oklahoma Squad Leader: Sam Bell
    - - -Oklahoma Squad XO: James Dock

    Central Texas Squad Leader: Chris Berban
    - - -Central Texas Squad XO:

    North Texas Squad Leader: Scott Wilcox
    - - -North Texas Squad XO: Chris Bradshaw
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    .:. 501st Legion - Star Garrison (TX, OK, AR) .:.
    Welcome To The Star Garrison Base of Operations

    Thank you for stopping by the website for the Star Garrison of the 501st Legion, covering Oklahoma and Texas
    The 501st Legion (aka the Legion aka 501st aka Vader’s Fist) is a worldwide Star Wars fan club celebrating the Star Wars universe using costumes and props, in particular those of the stormtrooper characters Imperial forces, and other various ‘bad guy’ characters. The Legion is a volunteer club formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts and giving them a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion's aims are to celebrate the Star Wars movies through the wearing of costumes, to promote the quality and improvement of costumes and props, and most importantly to contribute to the local community through charity and volunteer work. We the members of the 501st hold no rights to these characters and recognize it is a privilege to wear these costumes. We also acknowledge that while in costume we represent these movies and as such accept the responsibility to behave professionally and civilly while in public.

    The group works to participate in the community for the benefit of the children. Whether it is visiting local children’s hospitals, benefits that support children, or just having fun at conventions, our desire to bring the joy of the Star Wars universe we had growing up to the children of this generation.

    Are you interested in joining the 501st?
    Would like for us to be at your event?
    If so, please contact us at: info@stargarrison.com.

    In the service of the Empire,

    Your webmaster is Jereomy Faber, TK-1672.

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    Star Garrison is now live on Twitter! Be sure to direct your browser to @Stargarrison and follow us on Twitter!