View Full Version : Need info for this weekend.

07-13-2015, 09:32 PM
Hello Star Garrison,

My name is Brandon, long time fan of the 501st and potential member... still waiting to hear back on that. That however is not why I'm posting this. This weekend on Saturday at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, a Star Trek vs Star Wars event will be taking place. It is my understanding that there is no official presence of the 501st at this even but a few local museum regulars will be attending, possibly with a costume. This may or may not be throwing someone under the bus, my apologies. I don't know names, however I would like to know if anyone can get me in contact with these members. I am one of the volunteers, I will be Captaining one of the "Starship Bridges" for the event. I am part of a Star Trek fan group, the ones mentoring for the Bridge Sim event. My club "captain" will be the captain for Trek Ship and I will be the Star Wars Ship. I believe we will be networking all the bridge stations and rotating patrons through the positions if they like. Later there will be a Trek Film (09) viewing. Now, I am my group's Star Wars nutcase, and a loyal Imperial at that. I have two requests if we can get in contact.

1. Would like to chat ahead of time so we can at least get acquainted.

2. I would like to see if by any chance someone has some officer rank cylinders I can borrow for this event. I am still waiting to receive mine.

I've been working on an Imperial Officer Uniform and all I'm missing is rank cylinders. The Trek Captain and myself have been considering wearing our respective uniforms for fun and to keep with the spirit of things.
Remember, this is nothing official, I don't represent the Museum but someone who does said it is possible a few 501st members may casually appear. Additionally this is just a casual, friendly request to get in contact with someone and don't intend to make this a big deal or get anyone in trouble. We aren't really sure what to expect for the first weekend so I don't want to get overwhelmed.

My only clue is it is a Vader trooper. You probably know who you are.

Thank you once again and please forgive my ignorance if this is not the right place to be reaching out.